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Mega NFC, medical, Nanoble, Concept, Health, skin care, detox, detoxification, body, cleansing, antioxidant, zeolite, clinoptilolite, antiaging, cells, regeneration, mineralization, immune system, strengthening, youth preservation, connective tissue, vitality, life extension, healthy nails, improving bowel function, morbus Crohn's, chronic, treatment, gastrointestinal tract, liver, allergy, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, diabetes, free radicals, bones, stress, distress, disease prevention cancer, fatigue, smoothing wrinkles, beauty, osteoporosis, improvement of metabolic processes, healthy, sleep, toxins elimination, endurance, disease resistance, deep, increase the body's defenses, correction of age-related changes, slowing down aging, reduce wrinkles, increase stress resistance, improving performance, endurance, normalization, digestive system, sexual

Treatment and prevention of the gastrointestinal tract diseases 

MEGA NFC® medical is the efficient natural medical product of classification IIa for medical products and is meant for the prevention and alleviation of diseases. Due o its excellent quality and application of the HENA® technology,  MEGA NFC® medical plays the leading role among the pollutant discharges. It is the first purely physical natural active substance, which is not metabolized but only passes through the gastrointestinal tract like a sponge, taking up toxins and eliminating them by natural means.

Harmful environmental influences, food and beverages, medicaments residues burden the body with various substances that do not break down and accumulate over time and can lead directly or indirectly to health disorders and overload of the metabolic organs. Medical product MEGA NFC® medical can therefore be used successfully for the prevention, therapy and therapy support of illnesses..

The effect is based on the special property - to bind harmful substances already in the digestive tract. It results in less pollutants in the organism. Existing toxins stored in the body can also be absorbed and excreted due to the body-specific osmotic gradient and steady state. Medical product MEGA NFC® medical acts purely physically and is not absorbed by the body

Severe and chronic diseases affect intensively quality of life. MEGA NFC® medical is capable of binding, among other things, toxic substances such as lead, mercury, cesium, aluminum as well as histamine and other biogenic amines. Due to this capability, is MEGA NFC® medical of particular value in prevention process. Heavy metals are found in air, water, soil, plants, animals, medicines, in everyday products, both in private and public environment as well as at workplaces. They are not only an integral part of the food chain, but through daily contact and increasing concentration have become the general risk factor to human-beings. MEGA NFC® medical in powder form binds harmful substances in the organism and contributes to the prevention of diseases. It relieves the overload of metabolic organs, and can thus, work against stomach and bowel diseases.

The intestine is the most important part of our digestive tract and occupies the considerable part of our total organism with its specific surface area of 450-550 m² and a length of about 8 meters. It begins after the stomach and ends at the anus. The colonization of the intestine with bacteria is called intestinal flora. If we are asked where feelings and health, emotions and intuition, well-being and passion are best to locate, the majority of respondents point to their mid-body, the abdomen. The reason is more than 100 million nerve cells that surround our guts. It has more neurons even than our spinal cord. This second brain, the colleagues, neuro-scientists have found out, is a quasi-Image of our Head brain. Cell types, active substances and receptors are almost the same in the both. The largest nerve accumulation outside of the head does far more than just already highly complex work of digestion.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract account for a large number of today's complaints. Some of them have become the true folk disease, the reflux disease, also popularly called heartburn, is one of the best known. MEGA NFC® medical in powder form is particularly well suited to alleviate inflammation in the entire digestive tract or to prevent the risk of its progress.

​Recommended dosage for the prevention of gastrointestinal health

Take 2 sachets of MEGA NFC® medical with 0.2 l of still water in the morning before the meal and min 2 hours before or after any medications.

Preventive use to relieve the metabolic organs

The liver is considered the seat of life force. It is our central metabolism organ. Almost everything that is built up in our body, broken down, saved, supplied, sorted, washed, cleaned, regulated or organized, removed or added, happens with the help of the liver. The liver is the big sufferer. It endures grief, anger and trouble, sugar, medicines, coffee and alcohol, fat, deep-fried, e-substances until one day it overflows "the bile". If it is sick, this remains unnoticed in most cases, since it does not cause pain as other organs. It is said that the pain of the liver is fatigue. Often fatigue and exhaustion ends in depression. Stress affects the liver directly. As stress cramps the liver, the liver-bile ducts are not relaxed enough to ensure the smooth flow of bile. The liver tissue itself does produce pain. At most, the liver capsule can cause pain in the extreme situations, or the organ is already in such a way enlarged that it produces pressure on surrounding structures.

If pain occurs in the right upper abdomen, it is mostly likely caused by gallbladder, which pinches (or pain in the area of the Head's zone on the shoulder). Then there is an urgent need for action - especially if it stings immediately after a meal. Once the gallbladder is massively inflamed, the scalpel is usually suggested as the "only solution".

The University of Greifswald has published alarming figures in its SHiP study on Pomerania's health status in Western Pomerania. According to it, every second man and almost every third woman is from the middle of life affected by a fatty liver decease. The diagnosis of diabetes, fatty liver, high cholesterol and too much uric acid is identified by a lot of patients, not only after 60, but already in their middle age.

But too rich diet or the uninhibited use of luxury foods is not always the cause for it. Since the liver does not only regulate protein, fat and sugar metabolism; mineral, vitamin and hormone balance, and is the most important organ of detoxification of our organism, it almost invariably needs daily support.

As a filter between the intestines and the rest of the body circulation, it prevents pathogens and pollutants, for example, coming with food, from the intestines into the bloodstream. Toxic substances like ammonia are absorbed by the liver and the liver cells detoxifies them.

They become harmless substances, such as urea, which is then excreted via kidneys with urine. Increased ammonium compounds can result in a dysfunctional protein decomposition in the intestine and the liver burden. The medical product MEGA NFC® medical is able to take up ammonium compounds, and to relieve the burden from the liver.

Preventive application for a healthy nervous system

The nervous system is very complex but also sensitive. It is, so to speak, the indispensable, vital control center. It has been known for some time that environmental toxins such as lead, and mercury can impair the development and function of the brain and spinal cord even at low doses. People ingest these substances, albeit in small quantities, daily through food, through drinks, cosmetics, stimulants and through our environment. Diseases that affect our nervous system are on the rise and those affected are getting younger and younger. This area in particular can be positively influenced by the preventive support to the body.

Experts report that MEGA NFC® medical can help reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases susceptibility. It is important to know that in most cases, for example, of brain weakness, there is almost always a connection to the liver.

Cirrhosis of the liver is the most common underlying disease, with severe bypasses around the liver (portosystemic collaterals). In rare cases, chronic hepatitis with portal hypertension (high pressure in the portal vein) and liver metastases may be the cause of hepatic encephalopathy.

Heavy metal contamination can severely minimize the energy potential of the liver, which limits the detoxification function of the liver and can therefore exert a negative influence on urea synthesis and glutamine synthesis. There is an increase in the level of ammonia in the blood, which has a direct impact on the CNS.

To break this cycle or to prevent its emergence, daily aid to the liver act also as important preventive measure for the protection of central nervous system.

Slow down or reverse the biological aging process

French Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Allexis Carrel (1873-1944, Nobel Prize 1912) concluded that the ageing process can be retarded by removing the metabolically broken down products (so to say the detoxification process). Carrel was of the opinion that the ageing process is caused by accumulation of toxins in the body.

All processes of life at the level of molecular biology take place in the colloidal phase. The human body is known to consist to a large extent of body fluid (blood serum, urine, lymph, digestive juices, cerebrospinal fluid, bile, tear fluid). All these fluids have colloidal character and all life processes take place in the colloidal phase.

Man is as old as his matrix extracellular matrix


The Russian bacteriologist, discoverer of phagocytes and phagocytosis, Nobel Prize winner (1908) Ilya I. Mechnikov (1845-1916), coined, as already mentioned, the sentence: "Man is as old as his connective tissue". In fact, with increasing biological age, the elasticity of the connective tissue diminishes, wrinkles and wrinkles on the skin form. Sclerotic changes develop in the connective tissue. This is due to the fact that there are fundamental changes in the biological aging process, especially due to the lack of SiO2 [overview: Hecht and Hecht-Savoley 2005].

The age of the connective tissue is determined by SiO2 (silica mineral), e.g. the firm skin, the shiny hair, the smooth fingernails. With increasing age, the SiO2 content of the human body decreases (see drawing). This manifests itself, for example, in the wrinkling of the skin (wrinkles), in reduced elasticity of the connective tissue, by lifeless hair and hair fall, by brittle finger nails, by osteoporosis.

The reason for this is the reduced SiO2 content and consequently: reduced H2O binding, dehydration of the cell proteins and reduction of cell pressure. Chronic deficits of SiO2 in the body lead to severe deficiency symptoms and diseases.

Aging process is a colloidal-physical change of living tissue.

Kober [1955] dealt extensively with SiO2 in the colloidal system of the human body. He proved that each colloid has the property of enlarging its particles as it ages, of giving off water (syneresis) and thus of reducing its surface area.

Aging process of the basic substance of the extracellular Matrix due to lack of SiO2

Based on the fact that the child and adolescent organism has more SiO2, but this in an active, finely divided form of the colloidal phase, and the organism of an old man identifies less SiO2 and this only in an inactive, coarse, deposited form, that is To regard aging as a colloidal physical change by reducing the "inner surface", which in turn causes particle enlargement and thus also a reduction in the colloidal phase of the organism. As a result, the tissue loses its elasticity; it is sclerotized. It comes regulation of stiffness, aging of connective tissue and even precancerous condition.

Colloidal SiO2 can inhibit or reverse the biological aging process

Colloidal silicon dioxide, which is formed by MEGA NFC® medical in the body, is able, in its finely distributed active form, to arrest such aging processes and, under certain circumstances, to make them reversible. The youthful activity of the tissue is brought about by the improved metabolic processes and a more active cell division ability [Voronkov et al. 1975; Citizen 1958].

According to Kober [1955], colloidal silicon dioxide, which occurs in very small quantities in the organism, can prevent excessive swelling of the tissue, ensure optimal permeability to nutrients and metabolic end products and important biochemical reactions due to the adsorptive increase in concentration сell area to realize. Consequently, biochemical processes of the cell can only be ensured by colloid-physical processes of SiO2 in the extracellular matrix.

The colloidal silica in the aging process of humans

The well-known German internist Max Bürger [1958] postulated that with increasing age (biomorphosis, Biorheuse) the tissue of humans undergoes a process of condensation, that is a degeneration by dehydration, through slow loss of water. He recognized that colloidal physical processes play a role and dehydration of the protein takes place.

The most important prerequisite for the regulatory processes that take place in body fluids is the optimal water binding and swelling of the protein, which is influenced by the "ratio of base to acid in the proteinate". The optimal water binding is achieved when in fact the state of saline (0.9%) is present. It is important that 40% and more water can be connected by colloidal SiO2. It is bound water of hydration and not water in the free state. (That's why older people in particular need to drink a lot of water).

Colloidal silica and drinking enough water keeps you young and healthy when you get older

All elementary life processes, as the metabolism and degradation, fermentation reactions can occur only in highly hydrated protein. Disorders of hydration in the protein metabolism process are present, as is the case in the aging process or hardening of the tissue, coagulation and increases in blood pressure (vessel wall calcification), the excitation of the hydration process is indicated, which, for example, can be achieved by the colloidal SiO2.

Conclusion: MEGA NFC® medical forms colloidal SiO2 in the human digestive tract. As a result, high-molecular protein structures are newly formed from amino acids. Therefore, the regular intake of MEGA NFC® medical10 keeps young. There are many examples for this.

Therapeutic use

MEGA NFC® medical acts not only as an adjuvant therapeutic treatment, but also as a monotherapeutic agent. The reasons for this lie in the very gentle nature of the pollutant discharge and the high functionality of the medical product. The therapeutic treatment concept is almost identical in all cases and ensures a high success rate for the therapist with little or no risk potential.

Compared to most common detoxification concepts, the MEGA NFC® medical principle of action is not dependent on the basic detoxification organs such as liver or kidneys, since no substances are metabolized and will not have later to be broken down again. Pollutants are directly absorbed and discharged. The binding of harmful substances takes place exclusively in the digestive tract. Due to the natural concentration balance in the organism as well as the osmotic pressure, even contaminants already deposited in the tissue can be loosened and bound via the intestine.

The binding of exogenously supplied pollutants also takes place in the digestive tract, starting with the oral cavity and ending in the colon. Pollutants can be successfully discharged before they enter the bloodstream. The burden of liver and kidney is largely excluded. Thus treatment of patients who already have impaired liver or kidney function is also possible.

MEGA NFC® medical10 based therapy aluminum detoxification

The aluminium problem is a matter of great debate. If the body is exposed to excess levels of aluminium which are not entirely excreted by the kidneys and the gall bladder, this can have a toxic impact upon the nervous system and lead to a severe health risk. Kidney patients in particular form the main focus of the analysis, especially those suffering from chronic renal failure in which the excretion process does not function sufficiently well. Fertility, unborn life and bone development are also, due to the hazard potential of aluminium, closely linked with the toxic effects of the metal, according to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in response to questions and answers about aluminium in food and consumer products in February, 2015.

Investigations and studies of recent years confirm the possibility of reducing aluminum concentrations by the medical Product MEGA NFC® medical in the human body.

Heavy metals – lead and mercury

What are heavy metals?

Heavy metals are substances that occur in various compounds which occur in the environmental as natural or industrial products. Some of these heavy metals are essential in small amounts for flora, fauna and humans in small amounts, while others already can have toxic effects in the same concentrations. The path into the environment via the most diverse industrial branches, industrial processing or by natural erosion is diverse.

What can heavy metals cause?

Increased lead and mercury concentrations in the human body can be the cause of more severe diseases extending to chronic diseases. The symptoms are frequently not associated with exposure to heavy metals and the cause of the illness is not remedied.

Lead. Causes of exposure to lead.

Lead and lead compounds are found among other things in everyday products as residues or direct processing agents. Examples of polluted systems include:

  • Air, water, soil,

  • Plants, animals,

  • Foods,

  • Medicines, everyday objects and consumer goods


They are thus not only an integral part of the food chain, but have become a general risk factor due to the daily contact we have with them. Lead accumulates in the bone tissue instead of calcium and is therefore only excreted slowly again. (see Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, "Heavy metals").

Symptoms of lead exposure

According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment lead causes severe chronic poisoning even in small (mg) doses if the body is exposed to it for weeks or months. It can be absorbed from food, drinking water, through the air by inhalation or through the skin. This can lead to chronic poisoning if it occurs over a longer period of time.

The consequences of this can be:

  • kidney damage

  • paralysis of the limbs

  • brain damage, such as epileptic spasms

  • damage to the nervous system

  • cardiovascular disorders

  • still births and sterility

  • gastrointestinal problems


Since July 2006, the German Research Foundation rates lead and its inorganic compounds as "carcinogenic in animal tests." Lead poisoning is recognised as an occupational disease by the professional association (BG) code 1101.

Mercury. Causes of mercury exposure.

There can be various causes for mercury exposure. It can enter our bodies through various sources. It enters the environment via various industrial branches and is deposited in the soil and water. There it is partly transformed into methylmercury, which accumulates to a large extent in marine organisms. Therefore foods among other things rank among the main contaminants and causes of mercury exposure. Damage to people’s health can also be caused by commodities, such as energy saving lamps, where mercury is absorbed through the lungs when they break. The amalgam used in dentistry is the subject of controversial debate as a further cause of chronic mercury poisoning. In the past vaccines also sometimes contained high levels of mercury compounds.


Symptoms of mercury exposure

In the event of chronic poisoning mercury is stored in the body. Increased concentrations are then stored in the dentition (jaw, roots, teeth) in the spleen, the kidneys, the spinal cord and the brain as well as the nerve pathways and are only slowly excreted by the kidneys.


Symptoms of chronic mercury poisoning:

Effects upon the entire system:

  • chronic headaches

  • allergies

  • abnormal body temperature

  • chronic kidney disease

  • general fatigue


Head, neck, throat area:

  • bleeding gums, tooth loss, increased salivation,

  • metallic taste, mucositis, ulcers

  • dizziness, impaired speech, impaired vision, hearing disorders

Gastrointestinal tract:

  • food intolerance, abdominal cramps, colitis,

  • gastrointestinal complaints

  • chronic diarrhoea, constipation

Cardiovascular disorders:

  • abnormal heart rhythm

  • abnormal blood pressure

Immune system:

  • autoimmune disorders

  • recurrent infections

Later signs of damage to the nervous system may arise:

  • nervousness, agitation and anxiety

  • restlessness, mood swings

  • numbness/tingling in extremities


Studies have shown that in the stomach and intestines, there is a decrease in lead and mercury. There is no accumulation of heavy metals with the oral use of the medical product MEGA NFC® medical.

Basic therapy for ammonium reduction

What is ammonium?

Ammonium is a metabolite that is formed during protein degradation. In agriculture, as well, it is being discussed as a pollutant for air, soil and water. It is toxic and may cause acid-base imbalance in the metabolic organs and impaired function of the lungs, liver and kidneys.

Causes of increased ammonium concentration

  • Overload of the detoxification organs - liver and kidneys

  • disruption of protein digestion in the intestinal tract

  • meat-limited diet


Symptoms of overload

  • lack of concentration

  • tiredness, fatigue

  • energy and drive weakness

  • skin problems

Necessity of ammonium absorption

Ammonia (NH3) is a colorless gas. When dissolved in water, it forms the toxic ammonium (NH4). This ammonium is normally broken down in the liver via the so-called urea cycle. The main place for the formation of free ammonia is the intestine. In particular, in the large intestine the bacterial action of uncleaved protein ammonia is released and is also absorbed. In intact liver function, rapid uptake and detoxification of this ammonia, which predominantly appears in the portal blood, occurs through the liver.

By liver damage, protein meals lead to so-called ammonia intoxication. The portal blood passes under these conditions, bypassing the liver directly into the large circulation. The toxic effect of ammonia is exerted primarily on the central nervous system (CNS). Ammonia intoxication leads to disorientation and cerebral convulsions and to brain damage.

The digestion (proteolysis) of the protein supplied via food takes place in the gastrointestinal tract. Due to the bacterial action on undigested protein in the intestine, especially in the large intestine, ammonia is released, can be absorbed and reacts by dissolving in water to ammonium. Thus, by bacterial action from 1 g of protein about 0.2 g of ammonia isformed. At the recommended level for the application, it is estimated that about 2.5% of the protein taken by the organism is not completely digested.

MEGA NFC® medical  has a strong affinity for ammonium and could be used for the reduction of the substance in the body.

Helicobacter pylori therapy for stomach

Helicobacter pylori is a rod-shaped bacterium that can colonize the human stomach. H. pylori infections are thought to be responsible for several stomach diseases. Chronic H. pylori infection is a risk factor for the development of gastric carcinoma. For this reason, the WHO classified H. pylori 1994 as one of defined carcinogens. Helicobacter is the causative agent that causes more deaths in Central Europe than all other infectious diseases combined, including hepatitis, AIDS, typhoid and tuberculosis (Medical Tribune, 43.Jg. No. 28). In Germany, about 33 million people are infected with Helicobacter pylori, of which about 10 to 20% develop a peptic ulcer.


Functional description of Helicobacter therapy:

The bacterium latches into the genome of the mucosal cell and then engages in histamine production. The histamine stimulates the formation of acid and thus the germ develops into a histamine problem. This is also the cause of chronic gastritis and can often be the cause of remote disorders via histamine receptors in the body, such as headache or migraine, palpitations, blood pressure fluctuations and even asthmatic complaints. In the stomach, the acid-sensitive Helicobacter pylori protects itself against destruction by gastric acid through the splitting of urea into ammonia and carbon dioxide, whereby ammonia raises the pH in the immediate vicinity of the germ (ammonia shell). This reaction is catalyzed by the enzyme urease produced by Helicobacter pylori, which also serves as a diagnostic test (heliocobacter urease test).

With MEGA NFC® medical in powder form is a medical product, that naturally binds ammonia, that causes difficulties for the stomach to protect itself from stomach acid. With regular intake, for example for the relief of the liver, one thus has a natural possibility to prevent infection of Helicobacter pylori.

The medical product MEGA NFC® medical  in powder form, naturally binds ammonia in the stomach and can thus destroy the protective layer of bacteria The results of the below showed therapy proposal results from the positive practical experience of physicians and alternative practitioners in the treatment of patients with the diagnosis "Helicobacter pylori in the stomach".

Therapeutic suggestion to reduce Helicobacter in the stomach:

In the morning, about 8.00 am, on an empty stomach, stir in 3x MEGA NFC® medical in 0.2 l water and drink slowly. After one hour chew slowly a few small bites of bread, to increase the production of stomach acid. At 10.00 am repeat the entire process. It is important that nothing extra is eaten or drunk during the therapy. The therapy is interrupted at 12.00 and continued the next morning. The therapy is taken in 3-5 rounds (days), depending on the severity of the disease. It is advisable to follow a light diet for the entire duration of the therapy and to avoid consumption of coffee and alcohol.

Therapy for reflux disease (heartburn)

Sodium bicarbonate is needed for the work of liver and pancreas. The basic secretions of both organs contain the sodium bicarbonate and thus neutralize the hydrochloric acid coming from the stomach. The parietal cells thus have in a sense a dual function. On one hand, they release hydrochloric acid into the interior of the stomach, on the other hand, they also produce sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) to fight this hydrochloric acid. Sodium bicarbonate is necessary for the pancreas and liver, whose secretions buffer the acidic gastric content in the duodenum and donate digestive enzymes.

The liver also needs sodium bicarbonate as a substrate to detoxify itself from ammonium. Per molecule of ammonium, the same amount of sodium bicarbonate is consumed in the urea cycle. Thus, the rapid improvement in hyperacidity problems in the gastrointestinal tract can be explained when MEGA NFC® medical is used.

MEGA NFC® medical  does not bind stomach acid but relieve ammonia degradation in the liver via the ammonium binding. This saves sodium bicarbonate important to stomach, intestine, pancreas and liver.

Recommended treatment:

If a patient suffers from these symptoms, he can straight forward take a sachet of MEGA NFC® medical diluted in 0.2 l of water. Therapeutically for 3 months - one sachet before going to bed. If necessary, another sachet - before the first meal.

Basic therapy for histamine reduction

Histamine is a neurotransmitter and tissue hormone found in the body, that is involved in immune responses. Allergic reactions, immune response as a defense against foreign substances, are histamine-driven processes. Regulatively, they participate in the gastrointestinal tract, together with other processes in the production of stomach acid. The activity of the central nervous system and the quality of sleep and wakefulness are influenced by histamine. The occurring in the intestine mast cells form and store among other things the histamine messenger and release it as a defense signal against certain substances. Histamine (aminoethylimidazole) belongs to the biogenic amines and is formed from the amino acid histidine. It occurs in the body next to the mast cells and in the granulocytes in the intestine and blood.

Furthermore, histamine can also be absorbed through food, as it is a breakdown product in ripening or fermentation products, such as cheese, meat and sausage products, fish, fruits, and other.

Causes of increased histamine load (histamine intolerance)

Histamine Intoxication (Histaminose) is caused by a mismatch between supply and degradation of histamine. The body is unable to break down the histamine ingested or released through food. The cause is among other things attributed to a deficiency or disorder of the histamine-degrading enzyme diamine oxidase (DAO), which is responsible for degrading histamine in the small intestine.

  1. Histamine intolerance (histaminosis) means intolerance to ingested histamine. The cause is among others attributed to a deficiency of the histamine degrading enzymes diamine oxidase (DAO). Thus, there is a mismatch between supply and degradation of the histamine.
  2. DAO deficiency. DAO stands for Diaminoxidase and is a copper-containing enzyme, which has the task to reduce excess histamine in the intestinal tract. A malfunctioning DAO can lead to certain health problems. If the DAO is reduced in its function or activity, accumulation of exogenous histamine occurs. If the amount exceeds an individual tolerance threshold, histamine-mediated symptoms are elicited. By patients with diminished DAO activity, even small amounts of histamine can cause discomfort wherever histamine receptors are present (e.g., skin, heart, bronchi, brain, stomach intestine, etc.).

Symptoms, that histamine can cause:


Necessity of histamine adsorption

Particular attention is given to patients already suffering from a chronic or subchronic bowel disease. If the exogenous histamine, which enters the body via food, does not break down fast enough, the symptoms increase. If the histamine-induced contraction affects the stomach, it reacts with hyperacidity, which often causes gastritis and vomiting. Food intolerances are the result of dyspeptic disorders of the gastrointestinal tract due to insufficient digestion.

Often, the body is unable to regenerate by itself and there is a demand for external support system to bring the body to its healthy state. In this case, MEGA NFC® medical  could be well recommended, because of its good compatibility and strong adsorption capacity for histamine. Exogenous histamine will be bound, and the already inflamed parts of the affected mucosa will be cured. Thus existing inflammatory processes, especially in the intestine, in which histamine is significantly involved, can be reduced and alleviated.

The active ingredient of MEGA NFC® medical has a strong affinity for histamine and thus is able to bind it. The higher the amount of MEGA NFC® medical active ingredient in the histamine-loaded system is, the higher is its adsorption capacity. The active ingredient of MEGA NFC® medical is able to bind histamine and thus supports the enzyme Dia-minoxidase, which is limited in its functionality. It provides relief to the body so that migraine attacks, stomach cramps and vomiting can be alleviated or even avoided.

Therapy for food intolerance

Food intolerance refers to spontaneous or delayed reactions to food or its components that occur immediately after ingestion, but also hours to days later. Individually, quite different mechanisms can lead to spontaneous or delayed reactions to food. These are for example through antibodies (allergy) and as a result of the immune reaction via a histamine release mediated. Examples of intolerances: milk (lactose) and cereals (gluten).

Cause: The main cause of the food intolerance is that the protective mechanism of the mucous membrane in the intestine does not work properly (for example, as a result of stress, diet, mental stress, infections, medicines, preservatives, etc.) and uncontrollably leads to immune reaction to large quantities of insufficiently digested food components. The knowledge about this disease is so new that there is not even a German-language name for it. Thus one speaks of the leaky gut or uses the English term: Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Symptoms: It comes to immediate discomfort or chronic inflammation with a variety of symptoms, such as gastrointestinal discomfort, irritated skin conditions (eczema), headaches, migraines, osteoarthritis, chronic fatigue, insomnia, Over or underweight. It is a creeping process that disbalances the digestive and immune systems, and especially when responses are delayed or chronic symptoms have already set in, it is often difficult for the patient and the therapist to identify the cause and effect.

Evidenced of the adsorption performance of the medical product MEGA NFC® medical with regard to its histamine binding by patients diagnosed with food intolerance (NMU).

The over-concentration of histamine often cannot be resolved without treatment. Such treatment will result in the regeneration of the digestive system's mucous membrane system. Step by step the patient will be able to return to the normal diet.

Chronic or subchronic inflammation could be alleviated. As a result, digestion processes and the associated protein splitting can again proceed in a normalized manner. Thus, the concentration of the inflammatory mediator histamine plays a crucial role by the over-concentration of digestive gases. The damaged intestinal mucous membrane cannot do its work well enough. Ammonium, as a digestive gas, can be a reaction product of deficient protein breakdown, which in turn burdens the liver.

The benefit for the patient is the efficient relief of the body's own regulation and digestion systems, such as diamine oxidase. Detoxification organs, such as liver, can be sustainably relieved, as the negative substances will be bound and discharged via the digestive tract before entering the bloodstream or enterohepatic circulation.

Therapy suggestion: rotation diet for 4 months and 3 months before each meal 2 sachets MEGA NFC® medical. 


On one hand, oxidative metabolism is a very efficient way of energy supply, on the other hand it is associated with the formation of free oxygen radicals, which damage cell membranes and other biological structures (lipids, proteins, DNA, ...). Oxidative stress is also associated with cell aging.

In the human body, there is a number of sophisticated, antioxidant protection systems that are used to handle the reactive oxygen species: Certain enzymes such as superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidase (GSHPx, selenium-dependent), catalase and vitamins or precursors to vitamins such as tocopherol, carotenoids, ascorbic acid and some other systems have taken on this vital task.

The increased formation of reactive oxygen species ("free radicals") occurs due to:

  • Consumption of stimulants (alcohol, tobacco)

  • High-fat diet

  • Environmental pollutants (air pollutants, heavy metals, pesticides)

  • Strong physical stress (intensive training, inadequate training)

  • Metabolism of various medications (cytostatics, oral contraceptives, paracetamol, antibiotics such as chloramphenicol or nitrofurantoin)

  • UV radiation, ionizing radiation (radiotherapy)

Free radicals are particles with unpaired, free electron, making them unstable, short-life and highly reactive. The group of ROS also includes some non-radical oxidants (such as hydrogen peroxide). Oxidative stress means a preponderance of free oxygen radicals (ROS) compared to the antioxidant protection mechanisms available.


This imbalance sets in motion pathomechanisms associated with a variety of diseases: e.g.

  • Arteriosclerosis> Myocardial Infarction> Stroke

  • Neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease)

  • Diseases of the rheumatic type

  • Malignant tumors

Since gastric lipid peroxidation is a major factor influencing oxidative stress through nutrition, substances that inhibit this process are interesting to measure. The insolubility of the active ingredient MEGA NFC® medical prevents a direct systemic effect by uptake into the bloodstream but causes a reduced formation of lipid peroxidation products. It is assumed that one capsule taken to a meat meal slows down gastric lipid peroxidation by half.

In summary, the active ingredient of MEGA NFC® medical works through its ion exchange capabilities, even at physiologically high ionic and low pH values. Active ingredient of MEGA NFC® medical is not a true radical scavenger, it reduces the catalytic formation of radicals by transition of metal ions, both in pure lipid emulsions and in more complex systems.

The active ingredient of MEGA NFC® medical can absorb massive quantities of free radicals and thus represents a very effective antioxidant.

Improving skin condition

The skin is the largest in terms of surface area, the heaviest (up to 10 kg) and functionally the most versatile organ of the human body. It takes on a variety of tasks including metabolism and immunology. It is our shield from the outside world, but often a lot of toxins are absorbed through our skin. Besides, it is the mirror of our health; some even say - the mirror of our soul. Whether one has poor liver values, internal inflammation, mineral or vital substance deficiency, the skin makes it visible.

If the concentration of toxins in the body is too high, the skin is even used by the organism as a detoxifying organ. Eczema and other skin impurities then become visible. Help your body with the inner cleansing. Your skin will also thank you with beauty and vitality.

Use in halitosis

Closely related to oral hygiene is the problem of halitosis (halitosis). Bad breath is caused by various volatile, mostly organic compounds, which are added to the exhaled breath. These include sulfur compounds such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and methanethiol, amines, diamines and other nitrogen compounds.

The substances are produced z. by the bacterial decomposition of food residues or dead tissue material. Here is another characteristic of the MEGA NFC® medical, because ammonium and biogenic amines are the substances that are optimally absorbed. At an elevated concentration, these substances can put a heavy strain on the organism. In particular, ammonium, product of protein metabolism, has a very strong effect on the liver. It is considered a co-carcinogenic substance and is often the cause of halitosis, and the problem can persist despite optimal oral hygiene.

Treatment tip:

Consistent use of MEGA NFC® medical for at least four to six weeks usually leads to a drastic improvement in these cases, not only the unpleasant odor disappears, but also the general condition improves.

Body mineralisation. Man is an electrical being

On the other hand, through the up-breeding of plants, the mineral and vitamin content in fruits and vegetables decreases by half every 25 years [Kaussner 2001]. Since today's food products are low in silica, it is useful to take MEGA NFC® medical as early as possible to prevent silica deficiency.

Man is an electrical being

Man is known to be an electrical being. The electrical currents of the brain (EEG), the heart (ECG), the muscles (EMG) and the skin (EDA) can be measured and are used for versatile diagnostic procedures and health checks. If the bio-electricity of humans is disturbed, then there are diseases.

The electrolytes are in fact the electric battery or the battery of the electrophysiology of man, by which it is always kept in electrical balance. When this battery is low, it also diminishes the energy and power of man, and when empty, man is dead.

The battery of a person must therefore always with the right, i.e. bio-available ratio of mutually related minerals are "charged".

Minerals are the inorganic main substrate of living

Minerals are found in the human body in dissolved and solid form and perform many functions, for example, in the regulation of the extracellular matrix, in the acid-base balance, in the biomolecular regulation, in the volume regulation of body fluids. They are involved in the structure of support and solids and connective tissue and are included in many functions, for example, in the hormonal, lymphatic, enzymatic and blood systems. They also maintain the electrical activity of the cell, extracellular matrix and tissue, and are essential in energy metabolism.

Mineral deficiency as a cause of mental and neurological disorders

Until now it has been misunderstood that mineral deficiency can often be the cause of mental disorders. For example, Fehlinger stated in 1978 that magnesium deficiency is the cause of the disease previously known as respiratory neurosis.

Humanity, experiencing stress and mental strain, is experiencing a significant loss of minerals, especially magnesium. Therefore, patients with mental disorders are in dire need of a drug that is complex to regulate mineral electrolyte metabolism like an autopilot. This is only possible with MEGA NFC® medical10.

If you want to supply minerals, the "pollutants" must first be eliminated, otherwise they have no effect or are excreted again. This applies to every person today.

Today’s foodstuff is not rich in silicon dioxide and thus it is highly advisable that one starts consuming medical product MEGA NFC® medical, the sooner the better, to prevent the deficit of SiO2 in the body. The body's assimilation of a particular micro element is often dependent on the presence of another micro element. The composition of the medical product  MEGA NFC® medical is selected in such a way that the most complete assimilation of 30 different trace elements present in MEGA NFC® medical.

It would thus help to retain your beauty and youth. Our medical product MEGA NFC® medical is «the ambrosia of our time».

Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and bone regeneration

The use of calcium is not the right tool for calcination. Kervran's research on fracture healing has shown that, for example, silicon minerals accelerate the healing process. Calcium intake, on the other hand, slows down the healing process. Kervran continued to investigate bone fractures and showed that calcium-rich foods slow down the healing process. In contrast, diets low in calcium and high in silicon accelerate the healing process. Therefore, osteoporosis should be treated with SiO2-containing (MEGA NFC® medical) drugs, and not calcium-containing products (for example, dairy products or calcium supplements). Some authors of scientific articles and practical medical experience confirm, like Kervran, that calcination in the human body cannot be achieved with calcium containing food or substances [Ursinus 2011].

Protection from ionizing and non-ionizing radiation

MEGA NFC® medical will be able to make radionuclides  harmless due to its aforementioned properties of adsorption and ion exchange.

MEGA NFC® medical was used diversely after the reactor catastrophe, Chernobyl 1986. It could protect humans against the radiation illnesses, when administered at the right time and thus saved many lives.

​​Doctors, who are working on the effects of the radionuclide caesium 134 and 137 as well as on strontium 90 on human body recommended that a “good portion” of MEGA NFC® medical is advisable daily as this would offer a continuous protection against any unforeseen radiations – a preventive measure.

Medical product MEGA NFC® medical, is thus suitable for offering a good protection against ionising and non-ionising radiations, as well as from the effects of mobile communications, WI-Fi, mobile phones and other harmful radiation.

Additional effects

  • Optimizes the activity of the endocrine system.

  • It has a positive effect on the normalization of blood sugar levels. MEGA NFC® medical helps in transporting sugar without the aid of insulin and helps diabetics stay insulin independent for a longer period.

  • Prevention of tumor diseases.

  • Stabilizes and improves the cardiovascular system. Prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

  • Stimulates metabolic processes.

  • Improves sleep, improves internal balance.

  • Increases libido, gives the body more energy and strength.

  • Contributes to additional weight loss programs for weight loss.

  • Strengthening the immune system, strengthening the body's resistance to various diseases.

  • Intoxication after excessive alcohol consumption

100% natural product without side effects.

100% made and certified in Germany.

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