• Excellent quality created by accepted German detox- and anti-aging-specialists;

  • 100 % made in Germany;

  • Awardee of the ANTI-AGING & BEAUTY TROPHY 2016/2017 handed over at the AMEC 2016 – Anti Aging Medicine European Congress, Paris;

  • All products are clinically tested, certified plus tested and recommended by dermatologists and medical specialists for aesthetic surgery.


Set of unique luxury SPA treatments that healing will affect not only the physical but also the spiritual state.



Deep detox – sets a trend among facials

This professional mask for the face Luxury Deep Detox Mask is a medical product, that combines a highly effective cleansing up to the lower dermal layer with a rich face care.

The intensive detox-effect of the mask improves and substitutes the conventional cleansing and guarantees an instant healthy, young and bright appearance of the skin.

The mask is very well tolerated and guarantees a gentle and soft skin care even for demanding, sensitive or lightly irritated skin. The mask tempers irritations and operates calming.

Clearly visible effects:

  • Improves the elasticity of the skin;

  • Crystal clear and harmonious complexion;

  • Intensive lifting-effect;

  • Helps to smooth wrinkles.

With prolonged regular use along with taking Detox Product MEGA NFC® medical is an excellent preventive measure against the appearance of wrinkles, pigmentation for patients after 45-50 years, and papillomas.

Perfect Body - Detox Professional Body Wrap, 350 ml


Specific effect – elegant silhouette and absolute clarity

Core of this ambitious and highly effective SPA treatment is a professional body wrap Perfect Body - Detox Professional Body Wrap, which noninvasive achieves the deep detoxification up to the lower dermal layer, where toxic substances and waste products are tied and afterwards diverted.

  • Soft relief of the liver as the major organ of detoxification and activation of own organs of body detoxification;

  • Regenerates the skin;

  • Reduces the volume in the treated areas;

  • Defines the contour and corrects cellulite;

  • Improves the structure of the skin already after a few applications.

Luxury Foot Experience: Foot Detox Powder, 45 grams


Luxurious ritual for your foot care


Well-tended feet are not only a basic requirement for a beautiful look, they are also an indication of inner health. That´s why we should pay special attention to our feet and handle them well.

Luxury Foot Experience: Foot Detox Powder made of micro-milled and activated mineral has a couple of sensational effects:

  • Intensive detox-effect and pleasant care;

  • Antibacterial and disinfectant impact – even for athlete´s foot;

  • Relaxes tired and cramped feet;

  • Calms stressed skin;

  • Improves the structure of the skin.

We recommend you to use our a warm bath with micronized mineral powder as the perfect complement to all of the SPA treatments, especially when combined with a pedicure, manicure and foot massage.

Ultimative Regeneration Face Cream


Intensive care – drastic regeneration


The professional regeneration cream with highly effective ingredients combines a gentle, but deep detoxification effect with an intensive restorative care accompanied by a calming impact.

Inspired by historical tradition and considering the medical aspects a formulation with multiple effects was developed. This cream achieves a young and smooth appearance of the skin and is even suitable for allergic or irritated skin.

Rich texture with a calming scent of lavender;

  • Intensive care and supply with more than 30 minerals of great value;

  • Deep regeneration and improvement of the structure of the skin;

  • Gentle healing of irritated skin or allergic reactions;

  • Achieves soft skin like velvet;

  • Unisex and for all ages;

  • Tested and recommended as an intensive restorative care for claimed skin by dermatologists and medical specialists for aesthetic surgery.

For perfect results we recommend to use the Ultimative Regeneration face cream in addition to all SPA- treatments (such as body wrap, mask and the foot detox powder) to increase and intensify whose effect.

All products of medical cosmetics MEGA ELIXIR NFC® Collection are made individually to your order in the manufacturing process of complex technical processing of mineral and natural ingredients at our own production facility to ensure maximum quality and freshness of our medical line of cosmetics.


​Innovation and competence


Many years of experience and intense research made it come true: After developing high-class medical devices for detoxification and regeneration we now originated a product line for external skin care with a similar effect.

DETOX is BEAUTY“ is an innovative and holistic SPA-concept developed in conformance with the most recent findings of German scientists and physicians.

In addition to our high-class internal Detox MEGA NFC® medical we now offer detox- and anti-aging-products for the outer application as well.​


​“MEGA ELIXIR” – luxury and performance in accordance with mother nature


The product line MEGA ELIXIR NFC® Collection was developed to efficiently restore and detox the skin. These medical beauty products activate your metabolism and release polluting wastes.

This inner and outer clarity and pureness improve your perfect appearance. We abstain from using any kind of chemical supplements, but do only work with the strength of nature.

The signature combination of selected natural ingredients by making use of the HENA® technology our products effectuate a multifunctional and great value on the skin.

The all-round effect of MEGA ELIXIR NFC® Collection:

  • Detoxification

  • Anti-aging;

  • Improvement of skin structure;

  • Firmed contours;

  • Lifting effect.



MEGA ELIXIR NFC® Collection products offer more than only first-class care and beautification of the skin, they are able to bind the toxic substances under the skin and eliminate them. This ability is a scientific innovation, which you can only find in the products of MEGA ELIXIR NFC® Collection.

  • Solely naturals ingredients without any chemical additions;

  • HENA® technology;

  • Extraordinary effect and visible results.

EXPLOITED SYNERGY: nature meets high tech

Zeolite–clinoptilolite is the basic component of the product line MEGA ELIXIR NFC® Collection for external application to achieve intensive detoxification.

This mineral with its reticular crystal lattice structure is being extracted from all-natural volcanite and maritime sedimentary rock. Through filtration and demagnetization it is sterilized up to pharmaceutic clarity.

The micro-milling and activating of the Zeolite–clinoptilolite by making use of the worldwide protected HENA® technology enables noninvasive a deep diffusion of the mineral into the lower dermal layer. Here the mineral unfolds its full potential by selective exchange of the ions. By this intensive detoxification, mineralization of the skin and the tying of toxic substances under the epidermis is achieved.

The unique, perfect concerted combination of the mineral with exquisite ingredients, oils and further minerals reliefs stress and counters the loads of the daily grind. It is an ultimate boost for a healthy and beautiful skin.


Even for demanding, sensitive or lightly irritated skin the product line MEGA ELIXIR NFC® Collection is highly recommended. Look forward to a refreshed and rejuvenated skin and a reduction of the volume in the treated areas. The dream of a youthful appearance, firm and elastic skin with defined contours will come true.

​With an immediate effect!

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