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Perfect complement to all DETOX applications of the Premium detox line MEGA NFC®.
From experts with many years of experience.

A highly effective complex of plant stem cells 6-amino acid complex and high-quality hyaluronic acid renews the rejuvenation of the skin through skin cells.
The skin thoroughly cleansed by our DETOX programs is particularly intensive in its absorption and pulls the rejuvenating substances in as magnetised.
This multiplies the effectiveness of the cream many times over. The apple stem cells derived from the rare Swiss variety “Uttwiler Spätlauber” are rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites, which ensure the longevity of skin cells.

Our INFLORIBUS.DETOX ACTIVATOR COMPLEX+ has been proven to protect skin stem cells and delay the aging process of the skin.
Therefore, our INFLORIBUS is characterized by a revolutionary anti-aging effect with an effective rejuvenation of the skin. The apple stem cells promote the development of new cells in the skin, especially collagen and elastin. They protect against UV damage and environmental stress, evidenced by extensive studies.

The already legendary effects of apple stem cells complement our INFLORIBUS.DETOX ACTIVATOR COMPLEX+ the grape stem cells (obtained from the grape “Garmay Teinturier Fréaux”). It is characterized by its high content of anthocyanins. Active ingredient anthocyanin has an intense antioxidant effect, several times higher than vitamins C and E.
This protective mechanism protects the stem cells in the skin In our INFLORIBUS.DETOX ACTIVATOR COMPLEX+, we use alpine rose stem cell extract from the Swiss mountain slopes to increase skin stem cell activity, thereby increasing epidermal regeneration and improving the barrier function of the skin. The skin gains more youthfulness and freshness.

ARGIRELINE® is an innovative six amino acid active ingredient, the only anti-wrinkle peptide with a clinically proven effect that balances the tension in the skin, preventing wrinkles from forming. The skin appears smoother and more radiant. It also protects against the breakdown of collagen and elastin, thus reducing the depth of lines and wrinkles.
A natural alternative to Botox with the ability to greatly attenuate nerve signals, so that the facial muscles are less active and relax better. The facial features retain their naturalness.

HENA® - Technology increases through structure-friendly processing the active ingredient components the effectiveness and bioavailability of the active ingredients by a multiple.

Ideal as a DETOX supplement and as a separate intensive Rejuvenation Activator.

Apply to cleansed face, neck and
décolleté area morning and evening.
Absorbs quickly and effectively regenerates your skin for 24 hours.

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